Solar Hot Water
Paraíba, Brasil
Sustainable Forest Management
Wetland Survey and Delineation
Curry County, Oregon
Environmental Management for Landslide on Highway
Tillamook County, Oregon
Soil Survey of the Owens Lake Playa
Inyo County, California
About Us
Pacific - Re / Consultants

Pacific - Re / Consultants provides Environmental
Solutions throughout North America.

Pacific - Re / Consultants está establicido para provenir
soluciones ambientales para sus
clientes en todo

Pacific - RE works for you in both English and Spanish.
Pacific - RE
trabaja para Ud. en la idioma como quiere
español e inglés.

We recognize that soil, water and energy are the basic
elements that sustain life.  Reconocemos que la tierra, el
água y la energía son los elementos básicos para sobrevivir
todo mundo.

We are here to help you manage and conserve these
elements that sustain us. Estamos aquí para ayudarse
manejar y conservar estas recursos que necisitamos para

Pacific - Re / Consultants was originally founded in 1979 as
Fossil Creek Biofuels, Inc. to develop ethanol and other
renewable energy sources to reduce oil imports and
reduce air pollution.  Pacific - Re fué fundado en el año
1979 como Fossil Creek Biofuels, Inc., para desarrollar
etanol e otros fuentes de energía sostenible para reducir
importación y contaminación petrolera en Colorado EEUU.

Pacific - Re / Consultants was established in Oregon in
and Washington State in 2006 to provide a broad array
of environmental consulting to individuals, companies and
organizations who want to reduce their impacts on the
environment at reasonable rates. In 2004,
Pacific - Re /
established a physical presence in the
Mexican Republic while maintaining presence in Oregon.
This past year, Pacific - Re / Consultants is proud to bring
two new associates, Malcolm O. Ashely,
Development Economist from Atlanta, Georgia,
and Elba
Margarita Perales M., Civil Engineer from Mazatlán, Mexico
to broaden the scope of our services. We now have the
capability to provide socio-economic, forestry,
and construction management services
throughout the Americas through an innovative virtual
office strategy.

Pacific - Re / Consultants how we treat our customers
determines whether we will remain in business tomorrow.

Think Earth Day!
Thank you from

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Sustainable Forest Mgt. & Agroforestry
Soil Science, Erosion Control & Water Quality
Environmental Management & Permitting
Corps of Engineers and Dept. of
State Lands Permitting for Bridge
Josephine County, Oregon