Where are we coming from?
What we do?  We take a careful
look at projects with other
scientists, engineers and
contractors to determine how
best to minimize project impacts
to the environment and obtain
required permits.
Pacific - Re / Consultants
                   Pacific - Re / Consultants
                For us, every day is Earth Day!

What's Gnu at Pacific - RE?

We have moved into the international realm... quite

During the summer 2004, we opened our office in Culiacán,
the capital of Sinaloa State in order to offer environmental
services in Mexico. In 2005, we moved our Mexico office
to the sunny shores of Mazatlán. In 2006, we
the range of services provided by bringing aboard two
associates and
moved our USA office from Jefferson,
Oregon to Wenatchee, Washington.

Pacific - Re / Consultants is taking advantage of the
interconnected world courtesy of the internet to offer
worldwide service from our two bases in North America.
Pacific - R
e has recently been involved with a proposed
estuarine wetland restoration in Mexico and a proposed
water development project in Southern Africa.

Pacific - Re / Consultants provides Environmental
Solutions throughout North America with focus on the
Pacific Northwest, the Mexican Pacific Littoral and the
Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

We provide on-line services via email and fax:
Environmental Management & Permitting
How we think!
Sustainable Forestry & Agroforestry

Pacific - RE has experience and expertise in a broad array
of environmental and natural resource services.  We
provide cost-effective solutions to environmental problems.
A Little About What We Do

Pacific - RE provides consulting services to individuals,
businesses and governments who want to reduce their
impacts to the environment in an efficient, cost-effective

Pacific - RE understands the complex legal environment
that small and large organizations must contend with in
order to make products, provide services and perform

Pacific - RE works to bring together the environmental and
business comunities and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Pacific - RE is science, integrity and customer service.

Pacific - RE cares about the customer, the community, the
region, and the planet and keeps the big picture in mind
while working to solve any particular problem.

We appreciate your interest in the professional services
offered by
Pacific - RE and look forward to serving you.


Timothy P. Murphy, CF
Owner, Pacific - RE
Certified Forester, Soil Scientist & Renewable Energy
What's Gnu?
Renewable Energy Systems
Soil Science, Erosion Control &
Water Quality