We Provide

Pacific - Re / Consultants

We provide professional and expert services for
individuals, businesses and governments in the
NAFTA Free Trade Zone.  
We maintain virtual
presence throughout North America via our
offices in Wenatchee, Washington, Atlanta,
Georgia and Mazatlán
, Mexico.

Environmental Management and Permits
Project review under NEPA, ODOT Part 3s,
Army Corps and State removal/fill permits,
Resource recovery, Ecological restoration.

Sustainable Forest Management and
Silvicultural and forest planning, Design &
Development, Consulting services to build
sustainable and productive forestry and
agroforestry systems.

Soil Science, Erosion Control &
Water Quality
Products and consulting services to keep
soil in its place, reduce soil runoff into our
waters, provide soil survey and land

Renewable Energy Systems
Consulting services to develop solar, ethanol,
biodiesel and other renewable fuels made from
crops, residues or waste products to reduce our
dependency on fossil fuels, clean the air, and
eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from engine
Customer Service

Pacific - Re / USA Office
PO Box 5187, Wenatchee, WA 98807

Pacific - Re / M
exico Office
Colonia Centro
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico